Gunakanlah Persepsi Anak, bukan Persepsi anda

Dalam berkomunikasi antara si anak dan orang tua, tanpa sadar, terkadang sering terjadi yang namanya "KEBINGUNGAN ANAK" dimana sang orang tua menjawab pertanyaan atau menanggapi suatu masalah menggunakan persepsi sendiri dengan tidak menggunakan persepsi anak.

Tipsnya :

"Belajarlah untuk Melihat sesuatu sekeliling anda sesuai dengan SUDUT PANDANG anak Anda, BUKAN dengan Sudut Pandang Anda sendiri" (Dr. Tasbih Nada: Al-TArbiyah Adz-Dzakiyah li al-Athfal)

Suatu waktu, Anak saya yang berusia saya yang baru mau 7 tahun, bertanya kepada saya arti dari kata bahasa inggris  "back up" (kedengarannya "wake up").  Dia bertanya, "artinya apa Yah kalau "back up"? Saya Berhenti sejenak dengan tidak segera menjawab, Lalu saya tanya balik dulu (untuk menyamakan frekuensinya-meski saya sedang sibuk) "kakak denger dimana kata itu?" dia jawab, "itu lho yang di game transformer, kan optimus prime bilang "Bumblebee I "back up" you.." "   Nah kemudian baru saya mau menjawab.... "oh.. kalau itu maksudnya , si optimus prime mau melindungi bumblebee jika ada musuh atau serangan"

Coba anda bayangkan kalau anda segera jawab dengan mengambil Persepsi sendiri di awal ('dimana terdengar wake up), anda akan menjawab 'Bangun' atau menjawab  cadangan (dalam urusan data). Jika anda menjawab seperti itu, pasti sang Anak akan BINGUNG Bukan... ? Bisa jadi dia menjadi berfikir... kok optimus prime mau bangunin bumblebee?, padahal bumblebee nya kan tidak jatuh, atau cadangan data lebih-lebih bingungnya kali..


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Dede meki mekiyanto

nice posting.....salam

nice posting.....salam mkenal dede meki..sami2 ti smanda...ngelink ya...

They've always been near for

They've always been near for me and are delray missed. I have yet to remove the red remembrance bracelet the firefighters handed out in their memory. A number of people have inquired about it and each time is an opportunity for me to regale the asker with stories about the kind-hearted and unique nature of DeDe, David, Luke, and Ryan and to show just how much affect this family had on me, personally. They are forever remembered, admired, and delray missed!~Alexander~

I thought of David yesterday

I thought of David yesterday and his birthday and of what a special man he was. I was in the hospital and remembering the times in the past when David was with DeDe at my side encouraging me and checking every aspect of my care with the doctors and nurses. I felt their presense with me and it was comforting yet sad! I did not often get to celebrate with David for parties celebrating him and he was one that I just never knew what to gift him with. He was one that believed giving of himself and taking so very little for himself. I wish I could have visited the bench yesterday and sat there and remembered how very special he was to me, he I am sure never knew how much I loved him not only for his love of DeDe, Luke and Ryan, but also because he let me know how much I meant to him. I miss you David and will always, and am so thankful for the wonderful memories of the times we shared in such a short time. Oh, I was on the woman’s ward of UC Davis hospital where the mothers that just gave birth and their new babies shared space near me. I told one of the nurses that I was just where I should be, DeDe could visit some of those new ones while also being close to me. God does work in loving and joyful ways. Happy Birthday David, I know you all celebrated in some special way as you always did. Love and Hugs! Linda Mom * Nana

There are lot of things to

There are lot of things to be grateful in this world. Small or big we must know how to appreciate because noone knows when things be gone. - Dony McGuire

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